Marion's Kitchen

The best of the best for food lovers

It’s the little things done right that make cooking and eating so special. Marion’s Kitchen is home to things that are set to enhance your cooking and eating experience. Cookbooks that’ll be dogeared and stained in no time. Cooking tools that are for a lifetime of delicious meals. Marion’s Kitchen is a brand trusted by millions. Here’s your chance to take some of that expertise home with you.

More than just awesome recipes

Marion’s Kitchen was founded by Marion Grasby back in 2010. From food products and incredible recipe content, to cookbooks and kitchen tools, there’s a lot on offer. And only ever the good stuff. Where there’s an opportunity to offer you something you need to enhance your cooking, we take it.

  • Food expertise

    Trusted by millions, Marion’s depth of knowledge cannot be denied. Delivered with fun. Celebrating everything food. Imparting wisdom. Impacting your everyday.

  • Community-driven

    Nothing is created in isolation. Whether cookbooks, products, or content, we listen to you. What do you love? What would you like? Let's make it.

  • Quality, always

    Never not holding high standards. All Marion’s Kitchen products have been meticulously developed and tested, giving you the best quality every time.